Personal Reflection Paper : The Domino 's Case

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Shunhua Huang Denis Trapido BBUS 300 2/25/2016 Personal Reflection Paper As we discuss the Domino’s case, we discuss lots of management situations in Domino, and those situations are related to communication. In a company, poor execution, short leadership, and conflicts on the jobs always happen, and all the relevant bad managements are about lacking communication. The first job I got in the United States was working in McDonald. Since I had no any working experiences and had poor English basis, I didn’t realize many problems inside the store. When I look back my working experience in McDonald, the biggest problem is about communication. Sometimes, the store manager had a meeting with other managers to discuss things. However, as a low level employee, we never knew what they were discussing about, and we didn’t know what the direction of the store in the future is. Also, there was an example in my store. One day, the store manager found that employees are not happy when he talked about the work with the staff, he seemed to have something hesitantly, Although the store manager felt a little strange, but at that time, he did not dwell on what ‘s wrong and said goodbye to that staff. Later, however, the manager received the resignation letter from that staff because the staff had a conflict with one of the managers on working. The staff can 't stand the manager 's temper, so he chose to leave. And the staff had very good behavior and full of experiences. I think that in
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