Personal Reflection on 'Age of Aids' by Frontline

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“The Age of AIDS” by frontline is an apt study for two reasons. First it details the process of identifying a disease which was new and mysterious; second in doing so it gives us insight on how epidemiology plays an important role. This gives us an understanding of epidemiology and its basic concepts in force while executing this role. The objectives of epidemiology of identifying the cause of disease, in this case AIDS, extent to which it has penetrated. Finding records for similar cases for further investigation which would help in finding the origins of the disease. Evaluating preventive and therapeutic measures, in this case the drug “AZT” was monitored and after sometime was found ineffective, because the HIV virus had formed immunity…show more content…
In fact it also helps us to understand the nature of disease. That patient is not killed by HIV virus, he is killed by any opportunistic disease, which in presence of normal body defenses would not be life threatening, CDC helped in this aspect.
The concept which is most useful for me being a MHA student is the providing the foundation for developing public policy. Like with AIDS, it was possible to research new medicines in proper direction as we knew what the disease was how we needed to tackle it. Without this data it would be impossible to judge in which direction the drug research should go. I am from pharmacy and I know the significance of clinical trial data. It takes a lot of funding and time to bring out one effective drug, mostly decades. Epidemiologic approach in the performance of trials helps in channelizing drug research. In case of hospitals as in case of early days of AIDS providers could predict the course of the disease and where well equipped to tackle to some extent patients, not just therapeutically but emotionally too. I again want to emphasize if an open minded approach, free of religious superstitions and fuelled by rational thinking, would have been taken. The severity and spread of AIDS would have been better controlled.
One insight that I had through this presentation is that even though epidemiology is very integral part of health and life sciences, it alone is not sufficient. No matter how well we research data, and how well we present
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