Personal Reflections on Change

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The spurned partner comforts him or herself with the wisdom: 'I tried to change him or her but I could not." All too often I have found myself holding a good friend's hand after a breakup, as they say: "People don't change." However I would respectfully disagree with this contention (although I never say it to a friend's face). People do change but they do not always change in the ways we want them to change. All of the pleading, cajoling, and yelling in the world will not result in someone changing and becoming an ideal, faithful and loving partner. The change that occurs must be desired from within or, if imposed upon from without, will not necessarily result in the desired type of change. The need for truly self-willed and self-desired change is also seen in the example of someone who is battling and addiction to drugs, alcohol, or some other self-destructive behavior pattern like an eating disorder. These psychological disorders are some of the most difficult for clinicians to treat, and while there is a biological basis for this fact, another reason for their intractability is the ambivalence sufferers feel about giving up their lifestyle as an addict as well as their habit. The parents, loved ones, and children of the addict may desire change; the addict does not necessarily feel the same way. The…
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