Personal Reflective Essay: Dural Breaks

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I never thought my work in the lab and at a school club would enhance each other to make me a better person. At a lab in the Health Science Center in San Antonio one summer, I committed myself to developing a solid foundation for research methods. Being the youngest researcher, I began by reporting data while working on a project involving dural leaks after skull base repairs. As I gained a greater understanding of the nature behind dural repair rupture pressures, I started to proactively parse the data by its repair strength while suggesting enhancements in the repair procedures. By my second year, I no longer required the watchful eye of my lab director. Managing a team of surgical specialists, I confidently conducted an improved study on larger dural defect repairs. By presenting my research in conferences, I strengthened my ability to educate. Ultimately, I enjoyed my path toward mastery of dural defect repairs…show more content…
When I simply coached a beginner to develop correct table tennis strokes and footwork, I noticed his grateful reaction. Shortly after, he rallied with other novices, expanding their technique as well. Having my teammate immediately engage in practice with a newfound love in the sport ignites the fire in me to improve people’s experiences in life. During my medical research, all members had their own view on how the project should proceed. By making sure I addressed their concerns over the apparatus and methodologies, I guaranteed smooth and efficient advancement. We were able to complete a project each summer as a cohesive unit. Similar to my research team’s various surgical backgrounds, each table tennis team member offers multitudes of different coaching perspectives. Integrating these with my own to work the team to a higher level, we ensured a sense of common cause and succeed in nationally sponsored
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