Personal Religious And Cultural Beliefs And Values

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Belief systems.
The decision for a person to stay or flee a domestic violence situation often is determined by their personal religious and cultural beliefs and values. The person believes that marriage is a union of God and divorce or separation is wrong. Instead they believe that all things can be worked out through the power of prayer. They believe the children need their father and divorce would hurt the children emotionally.
Economic dependence on the abuser
Many women caught up in abusive relationships have been prevented from obtaining education or employment. All income comes from their abuser. They lack job skills, education, transportation, daycare for children and healthcare benefits. Without these skills and resources, being alone without the abuser becomes a huge challenge for the victim. Many women find themselves having to choose between homelessness, living in impoverished neighborhoods or returning to the abuser.
Fear for the Safety of Self and Children
Many abusers threaten their victims with physical harm or even death. These threats are believable and taken quite seriously by the victim. When attempts are made by the victim to leave, the abuser usually escalates the violence, Threatens to kill the victim, children and himself. Out of fear that the abuser may carry out the threats, the victim will stay in the abusive relationship (Herbert & Ellard, 2004).
Does Domestic Violence Impact Children?
Long-term problems
Research indicates that male children
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