Personal Report On Personal Protection Equipment Essay

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Personal Protection Equipment – Includes:
a. Eye/Face Protection - Including goggles, safety glasses, face shields, and respirator lenses
b. Chemical Protective Clothing – Includes gloves, aprons, coveralls, pants, jackets, and boots
Plant Property – Applies to items costing greater than $250,000. For management, financial and technical control purposes, plant property items, and expenditures are divided into four classes:
a. Class 1 – Land
b. Class 2 – Buildings, structures, and utilities
c. Class 3 – Equipment, other than industrial plant equipment
d. Class 4 – Industrial plant equipment
Pre-Expended Bin (PEB) –An accountable process that allow shops and laps to have a limited quantity of high usage/low cost inventory on hand that has been financially expensed from ERP. Material must meet all criteria set forth in reference (?). Specifically, items must have a planned demand rate (usually within 90 days), and unit price shall be $1,000 or less. Only a 30 day supply will be allowed to be pre0expended. Reference: NUWC ltr 4400 Ser TD/028 of 17 DEC 13

Receipt processing time - This processing is the timeframe expressed in hours from the time supplies arrived at the bldg.3210 to posting of receipts to the N-ERP stock record account’s formal accounting record.

Reconciliation - A comparison of the supply records of separate activities to ensure their compatibility. The term reconciliation includes the corrective actions necessary to bring the two record sets into
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