Personal Research Essay

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When I saw the light

Immediately, when I turned sixteen I woke up in the morning and saw a pair of shinny silver keys sitting on my desk. I jumped up with excitement and rushed out the door wearing only my boxers, with the keys dangling in my hand. There it was: my brand new GMC Envoy, dark hunter green with a wax that could blind you. I stared at the car with excitement and admiration; it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and it was mine. I took it for a test drive around the block and opened it up on the highway only three blocks from my house. It had a V8 under the hood, black leather seats, a Bose sound system and enough horsepower to tow anything I desired. After my first test drive around the neighborhood, I picked up
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The car was completely compressed so we weren't able to move on our own free will. The police had to shut down all four lanes of the causeway. Barricades were put up on both ends and no one was allowed near my car besides authorized personnel. While the fireman sawed off every door of my Envoy, three ambulances awaited us. Brandon on the other hand was in such bad condition that he had a fifty percent chance of living. I looked back at him and his neck was snapped forward and his mouth dripped in blood his face looked completely lifeless. His face was turning blue from suffocating from the seat belt that entangled his neck. They immediately sent Brandon on his way to the hospital on a Helicopter. You could hear the propellers of the helicopter wailing over everything else that was going on, even the sawing of the doors. One by one each of us were put onto a stretcher. Everyone soaked in blood not saying a word to one another and in a state that none of us were able to move. All I could hear were the moans of pain from my friends and the horns in the distance from the impatient onlookers.
I remember lying there while lights were flashing all around me and the ambulance crew were shinning a light in my eye just to keep me conscious. Craig, Scott, and I where all sent to Hillsborough Community Hospital in separate ambulances. With sirens blaring and lights reflecting off cars as we passed at amazing speeds, I just stared at the ceiling
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