Personal Response For A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire Personal Response Topic 4

Screams, and yelps of agony from distraught arise from the painstaking Stella as she sees the corpse of her now dead husband rotting from bathtub filled with his own blood. In the confusion of this chaos and mayhem could only further help to resolve the vengeance that Stanley’s death had acquired for the killer.

A Few Days Ago…

In an old stone building lying out in the middle of new orleans, to be exact the New Orleans Insane Asylum, which houses several people who have lost their minds are are unable to cope with the gruesome reality they live in, being tortured day in and day out as they are trying to be cured by the doctors. In one of those rooms lie Blanche who’s hair as grown out and is long fizzy and from the torture now black as ink from some of the attempts at curing her of insanity. Little did they know that this day would lead to a series of linked deaths that could have all been prevented if given they had better resources to help their tenants. During the Christmas time Blanche who had now been locked away for over ten years is now planning an escape.

“Hey you over their mister, um… , whatever give me that spoon now!” Blanche had said quietly yet in an angered voice to an unnamed man. “Go ahead just please don’t hurt me like you did to that poor youngster a few years back.” The unnamed man said in a frightened voice.

Then in a process of thought Blanche begins to thing in her head about her escape
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