Personal Response To Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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11.38 pm. Sleep seems to be away in a distant land far from my reach. I lie in bed and stare in fixed fascination at my night light. I miss you in the most unusual and unexpected way. My fingers itch to type and hit ‘send’ sweet words and late night confessions. The need to be understood at 2 am and the longing for unreal kisses on my cheek intensifies. I want to say a lot, but I don’t know if I should. How strange it is what I am craving. The false impression of presence in the persistence of absence. I feel restless. I've been too reckless with my words. This feeling is heavier than a neutron star. It persists like an annoying toothache. I need some water, but I continue to lie in bed. Nothing seems to fascinate me more than my night light right now.….…show more content…
I want to make amends. Where are you? I get up and catch myself in the mirror. Tousled hair result of tossing and turning in bed trying to catch some sleep. Sitting in front of my laptop, I aimlessly scroll through my Facebook page. I see words and pictures, but nothing really registers. My thoughts entirely on you. I hear some noise, Facebook automatically played a funny video. Oh, you are going to laugh at this one! I miss you. Is that unusual? I can’t even understand it myself. Do I even have the right to miss you? or should i "not miss" you? The latter sounds safer since we may very well just be passing seasons to each other and not all ‘attractions’ are meant to live. We are set to fear what we can’t control. But somehow I have come to shamelessly share with you, something you achieve only after spending time, space and memories with someone, however, short-lived it may be. 12.29 am: I feel blue and grey. I suppose those are the colours of guilt and of wanting to kick myself. I made a mistake, a horrible one. if I could I would take back those words because you don’t deserve
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