Personal Response to Emily Dickinson

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“Write a personal response in relation to Dickinson’s exploration of theme” For me, the study of Emily Dickinson’s poetry was the most memorable part of poetry this year. The fact that all of Dickinson’s poetry is highly personal and filled with meaning and sentiment adds to the enjoyment of this renowned poets work. Dickinson is a highly elusive poet and we are given the knowledge of Dickinson’s sheltered upbringing but yet still it amazes me the fact that her poems are still around to this day, one of the main contributing factors to this is down to the fact that her themes are universal and are something everyone can relate to. A poem that’s theme I found quite thought provoking is “There 's a Certain Slant of Light”. This poem…show more content…
The appearances seem to be neat but when you look deeply her life seems to be incomplete with the hyphens peppered throughout her work. The repetition of “and” is a rush of words to try and get her meaning off as quick as possible. There is sensory deprivation throughout the play. She only feels and hears the funeral, does not see it. This could represent to a bad migrane. Only she knows its there, everyone else is oblivious. The pain is so great it has aneschetized her senses. Imagery used is aural. Dickinson is suffering from a catastrophic breakdown, and this once again highlights her madness, the poems predominant theme. Dickinson uses enjanment to create a flowing effect throughout her poetry, which shows she is rushed and doesn’t follow rational poetic techniques, she always ends her poems with either a hyphen or a question mark and this shows great confusion amongst her poems and once again highlights her frail state of mind. “I felt a funeral in my brain” is one of Dickinson’s longest poems at 5 stanzas, her usual poems consist of 4 stanzas, this once again shows the reader her madness and her deteorating state of mind. The rhyming scheme is ABCB, it is imperfect rhythm and this is a good beat. The final poem I would like to look at is “ I taste a Liqour never Brewed”. The once again universal theme in this poem is Nature. Everyone can releate to it and this is the mitigating factor as to why Dickinson’s
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