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Lenses by Leah Silverman

The main theme is humans can find it emotionally difficult to conform to society, but usually end up doing so. The meaning of this theme is that we all want to do things that are practical to society even if it feels wrong in our hearts.The main driving component which draws people too conformity are the desire to be accepted in certain status groups. People fear that if they do not conform to society, they will be breaking the social contract, therefore be rejected by society at not being able to achieve their personal goals. It is easier to do what is expected than following our minds and rebel. We chose this theme because we can all relate to
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This individual believes that lies would destroy friendships and lives of others. This relates to the topic because when we conform to society, we become dishonest with ourselves. We lie about our feelings and emotions to do what is expected. In the poem it says lying could really hurt a person inside. However, by becoming truthful and showing our true self could also hurt us because by doing so, we could be judged and talked about in a negative light. Leah Silverman’s “Lenses” tells the story of a young surgeon, Corinne, who is asked to replace the vivid eyes of a friend with two round, steel lenses. She finds herself in a difficult situation where she must decide whether or not to go through with the operation, risking ruining her friend’s depth and character. The overall message of the story is that the people are made as unique individuals. The story emphasizes how the eyes contribute to the individuality and beauty of a person, and the fact that nothing can replace them. This relates to the theme because as people try to fit into society, they start to change and become someone they are not. It is important to know the significance of being unique because it tells so much about our character and feelings. Also, though a person goes through a
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