Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility Albertis McCray Gen Ed 200 10/28/2011 John Bachofer III Personal Responsibility Essay Personal Responsibility is taking accountability for all your thoughts, feelings and actions. Understanding personal responsibility is taught from elementary school all the way through college. As an adult going back to school, understanding personal responsibility is the key to successfully obtain your degree. Entrepreneur’s must be personally responsible or they will not succeed in business. As an adult, understanding and accepting personal responsibility is the key to success. Adult students attending college tend to have a better understanding of personal responsibility. For example, (Allen,…show more content…
As I was approaching retirement from the United States Navy, deciding on my employment was my priority. As a husband and a father, my top priority was ensuring I could afford to provide for my family. I decided to start a home business when I decided to attend college, I never thought of implementing a plan with my family. I felt only attending school one day a week, I could complete my assignments without intensive research. Also, I felt my children sports (soccer and baseball), were more important. Since I coach a little league baseball team and my wife attends school in Ontario and works in San Diego, I felt taking our children to their respective practices and games were more important than my academic requirements. After attending the first class and looking at the class syllabus, I knew some changes were needed if I was going to be able to succeed in this class. It was time to implement a plan for me and my family. With both my wife and I working, and attending school, and with no babysitter, ensuring our two children were going to be cared for became a major issue. After carefully brainstorming with my wife and children, we set our weekends aside for family only. No homework, studying, just quality time with each other. This gives our minds a chance to rest and recharge our batteries before the next work week begins. Since I work from home, it allows me to complete my reading assignments early in the morning, and then move on to my business
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