Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibiliy Essay William Challenor Gen/200 12 Mar 2012 Felicia Winborne Personal Responsibility To be successful in college one must be personally responsible for their actions. Personal responsibility is having integrity, and taking accountability for his or her actions. Doing the right thing and making ethical choices will demonstrate being personally responsible and will result in a successful college experience. Personal responsibility is taking ownership of their thoughts and actions (Stockdale and Brockett, 2011). Personal responsibility to me is having integrity. What I mean by this is being trust worthy to do the right thing, all the time. For example, plagiarizing work, if someone is trustworthy they…show more content…
By organizing I can set the steps in each category, short, intermediate, and long term, with each step leading toward my ultimate long term goal. After all isn 't that what we all want, to set ourselves up to reach the ultimate long term goal. Once I have organized my goals, I will then prioritize them. I will rank all of my goals in the order in which I want to accomplish them. I will start with the most immediate goal first and work my way to my ultimate goal. For example, the most immediate goal for me is to obtain my degree. My next goal would be to retire from the Marine Corps once I have twenty years of service. My ultimate goal might be to retire by the time I am fifty five and move to a tropical area, whatever the goal is I will set myself up to reach it. By prioritizing my goals, my decision making will be made very easy based on the order in which I want to reach all of the goals that I have set. Next I will accept the responsibility of completing all of my assignments in a timely manner, which will enable me to reach one of my goals. Once the first goal is met then off to the next. By being personally responsibility and making the best decisions for me, I will ultimately reach the goals that I have set for myself. In concluding, personal responsibility to me is being true to yourself and sticking to your morals. Being accountable for your actions
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