Personal Responsibility In The Workplace

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Kassandra Morales
Southwestern Community College

2017 PTA Candidate Writing Prompt

This statement means to me that within the physical therapy profession there are a set of values-based behaviors that are expected to be followed by a licensed practitioner. One of the values-based behaviors responsibility is incredibly important in regards to the PTA. Practicing responsibility in both the classroom and clinical setting helps to effectively communicate between colleagues and patients, learn and build the skills to successfully treat patients, and to hone time management skills.

Within a classroom setting having a solid set of responsibilities such as, time management, being attentive, and communicating are vital for one to succeed in school. Being professional and attending class on a timely manner is important for the right steps to success. Managing your time will significantly help you become a better student and a more-productive worker. I have to take it upon myself to use my strengths and improve on my weaknesses in order to learn and grow as a student. Taking on tasks that may be educationally challenging and endure these challenges with the utmost positivity is a true responsibility. Communication is crucial within the classroom setting. Communicating in a respectful manner among professors,
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Personal responsibility lies in our willingness and ability to correct those errors individually and collectively” (web, 2017). Lastly, as an individual we all hold certain responsibilities to any environment we put ourselves in. In a classroom or clinical setting we can take it upon ourselves to work as team and withhold the responsibilities that is expected of a physical therapist assistant.

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