Personal Responsibility toward the Natural World

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Personal Responsibility toward the Natural World: The natural world is our only habitat that is a biotic system which experiences much stress to an extent that it threatens to fail in irreversible and significant ways. Currently, most of the huge environmental challenges that confront people such loss of biodiversity, climate change, pollution, and resource depletion have similar emerging patterns. Therefore, numerous changes are required to restore and stabilize the natural world into its functional integrity. In order to address the challenges effectively, there is need to examine the wellsprings of human motivation, caring, and social identity. This factor plays a critical role in understanding our personal responsibilities towards the natural world. Personal Responsibilities in Influencing Natural Resources: Some of the major problems that affect or influence our natural world and resources emanate from the increasing population across the globe that has is currently more than 8 billion people. The world's population is estimated to be growing at a rate of 1.15 percent that accounts for 77 million people annually, which is less than the growth rate at the peak of the 1960s. While the growth rate has been decreasing significantly, there is a significant impact of the current population on the environment. This is largely because the huge population across the globe results in huge strains on the environment and natural resources. Consequently, sustaining the
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