Personal Responsibilty

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Personal Responsibility

Thesis Statement:
College is a huge commitment and it takes a tremendous drive for excellence and to be extremely personal responsible in order to complete assignments on time. Attention to detail in class is also very important for success. The long hours reading and writing papers will prove to be worth it in the long run if we all continue to keep focused on the end results.

Outline: 1. Definition of personal responsibility and what it means to me.

A. The definition of personal responsibility.

B. What personal responsibility means to me.

2. Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success.

A. Strive for excellence.

B. Meet
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College is a huge commitment, which I gladly take on. I know I will succeed. I always strive for excellence in anything I do. Working on multimillion dollar aircraft for 30 years you have to. I have to catch up somehow so I do not slow my team down, either. My team is depending on me and which I take great pride in that. When and if I am needed I must be ready, but this illness I have is really hampering the out- come of my work. I am very hopeful I will catch up because it is early in the program, and it is my personal responsibility to do it.
In today’s fast technical age we live in there is no easy way to be personally responsible. We must organize our priorities daily. We must devise a plan to have time for everything, and everyone. Communication with your family is essential to be successful. They must know the sacrifice now will be well worth it in the long run. We must develop a way to keep everything going on a smooth and even keel. Like I had mentioned earlier, time management is my biggest problem right now. Everyone needs something from you. I have been developing a plan to ensure my work is complete and turn in on time. Early morning when everyone is away at work seems to be the time for me to get some work done. After dinner to midnight is when I can get the most done. Instead of spending time watching television, I will put my thoughts on paper and complete what needs to be done so I can submit on time. Then I can spend time with my
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