Personal Review And Reflection Paper

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Personal Review and Reflection Paper During the journey of my education, it was important to review and reflect on the activities and learning objectives that were completed. The purpose of this assignment was to discuss what was learned and what needed to be improved for the seven assignments that were required for this course, identify three valuable strengths with supporting evidence, identify three areas that need to be strengthened with supporting evidence, and list three goals with specific steps and time frame to help improve the areas to be strengthened.
Summary of Each Assignment The following sections discussed the areas of what was learned and what needed improvement based on the professor’s feedback for the seven assignments.
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I was able to stay one week ahead for this course, and by not having a deadline looming, it was less stressful. Another part of my feedback was to remember my focus breakers so that my productivity was not affected. I still need to remember to say no to things. I am still working on this.
Week Three: Compare and Contrast Using APA Style Week three’s assignment was to compare and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygosky using APA format. I learned more about APA format especially citing references. I spent a lot of time proofreading my paper. I need to become faster at completing this task. The feedback that I received on this assignment was that my assignment was clear, easy to follow, and organized. For the most part, I had a strong level of comprehension of the material. One item that was noted was that I needed to be more specific for the what can be gained section. My statements were to generalized, and I needed to have more specific statements. I will need to remember this as I progress through my degree and refer to the SQ3R reading strategy. I also needed to improve on my critically reflective paraphrasing.
Week Four: Analyze Research
Week four’s assignment was learning how to use the online library and finding sources. Overall, I understood how to use the online library, how to use search limiters and key words, and how to define peer-review. I found a relevant topic in education,
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