Personal Review: Rainford Vs Zaroff

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-22-17 I think that I would take Rainford side because I feel like Rainford is a lot stronger than Zaroff. I’m glad that Rainsford won against Zaroff because Zaroff needed to get beat. Even though Zaroff made this game I still would pick Rainsford. In my opinion I think Rainsford is a lot smarter because he did a great job surviving. Like I said Rainsford did win so I think he’s stronger than Zaroff. Rainsford did a great job of not dying and beating Zaroff. In the story when Rainsford won Zaroff seem like he’s was happy for him. He was happy that Rainsford won. I’m glad that Rainsford got to sleep in a comfy bed because he had been running for at least two weeks without sleeping and that would suck not to sleep that long. Zaroff
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