Personal Review: Sherry Turkle's Alone Online

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Say Hello to my Little Friend

With the release of every new iPhone, several stunts are pulled, such as microwaving the device, bending the smartphone, or with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 7, the idea of drilling a hole to make a headphone jack. Although, these acts are done to humor a crowd, some people have still ended up believing their device could benefit from these absurd actions. As technology evolves, we as the people, are driven and controlled by our everyday devices.
Consequently, the gadget that has become our ruling commander is the smartphone.
These tools that are the size of our hand have become such a powerful tool. From simple commands such as calling and texting, to complex actions such as surfing the web and portraying an augmented reality for us to catch Pokemon in “real life,” the smartphone has several functions.As a result, the smartphone has become our dearest valuable. In Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together, one of the students she mentions, Julia, admits “I’ll
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It is the same everywhere I have gone within the last five years, from Anaheim, to Florida, to New York, everyone’s attention is absorbed by their friend. In Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr proposes “[When we read online], we tend to become ‘mere decoders of information.’” This becomes true as websites like CNN and the New York Times slowly lose readers and websites like Worldstarhiphop gain viewers and readers. Thus, we are no longer entertained by world news such as North Korea sending three missiles towards Japan, but by news of social media stars and the newest technology. Even Facebook posts are more likely to be read than an online
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