Personal SWOT Analysis

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2. A SWOT analysis helps to identify the different things I bring to a potential employer, and a few things that are weaknesses that will work against me. The personal SWOT is as follows: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Good education Lack of experience Banking More experienced candidates Financial experience Lack of mgmt. experience Non-banking opportunities Mediocre economy Work ethic No references? Move to a different area? Industry downturn Systems thinking I have a lot of strengths that I want to convey with my resume. I have a good education, and will graduate in 2013 with a solid business degree. I already have experience in the banking industry, so that is something that I can build upon. My work ethic is what has allowed me to get to this point, so that is something that is important to me. Beyond that, I feel like I am able to see the big picture, and understand how the different pieces fit together. This is systems thinking, and a big part of management today. That is why I can see myself, once I have eliminated my remaining weaknesses, moving into management. The lack of experience is, quite frankly, my biggest weakness. I simply have not seen everything, and this is something that sometimes will hold me back. However, I have a lot of talent and I think that the occasional rookie mistakes I make will be counterbalanced by some of the really good things I can do with my knowledge and smarts. I know that management is my
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