Personal Security Research Paper

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Throughout the United States' early history many government leaders were focused on the safety and security of citizens. The founders of the U.S. were more focused on making the people feel free and respected, in today's society the people of the U.S are more focused on personal liberties due to questionable actions taken by the government for the safety of the people. The 10th Amendment puts states rights over federal rights, but sometimes there are federal laws made to protect citizens that may defy personal liberties. The federal government feels it is their job to keep civilians safe and oblivious to the world's problems, but in doing this governments come across as secretive, invasive, or corrupt. With the amount of technology and terrorism these days no founder of the U.S nor early American citizen would…show more content…
If security is the freedom from danger or risk, and liberty is freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, then they can't be that different. But freedom comes with the risk of minimal to no security, for if the people are free who can protect them or their right to freedom. If the people want to be safe then there must be rules, discipline, where there is scarcely any room for freedom. "The sacrifice of our personal liberty for security is and will forever be a false choice." (Rand Paul) People of the U.S want the government to keep them safe while still maintaining their personal freedoms. However giving up personal freedoms for the rights of security is what the government is suggesting when they take away a personal freedom for a luxury in the safety department. After 9/11 there were many debates over email and phone surveillance of terrorist activities. In the beginning of these debates many Americans were for this idea to help maximize security at whatever cost, but as years went by citizens realize that the government was not just monitoring terrorist suspects, but
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