Personal Self Reflection Assignment

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Self-Reflection Assignment INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this assignment is to self-reflect on what has been learnt in the topic this semester and how it is going to influence as a health professional in our chosen field. This assessment is made to encourage us to be able to identify the values and beliefs we have as individuals and how these impact on our ability to interact without others in a diverse society. This self-reflection will include the results from an Implicit Association Test to help gain a greater awareness of my own unconscious thoughts as well as evidence from reliable sources to help back up statements and give evidence to support this assessment. BACKGROUND AND CURRENT SITUATION: After doing a self-assessment on my background I believe in time I have changed my views on certain aspects of the diverse society in which we all live in. I strongly believe my background, the way I was brought up and my experiences influence majorly on my values and beliefs as well as my interaction in a diverse society. I have many different attitudes towards races, ethnicity, gender, social class, religion, sexual orientation and abilities and these are explored below. I have a very strong belief and attitude in valuing all races and nationalities as I believe we are all equal and we all deserve a chance and equal opportunity. I believe we do not necessarily need to be identified as different races, but instead I feel we should all be identified as individuals with our own
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