Personal Selling Process

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In order for the personal selling process to take place, there must be a well experienced salesperson and a wide variety of loyal customers. A loyal customer will tend to come back to shop or purchase products from a company in the future. The text states on page four that the loyal customers are most likely to be your most profitable customers. Loyal customers tend to buy the largest dollar volume, generally cost less to serve, because they are ranked higher on the relationship learning curve, and loyal customers are likely to refer other customers by generating positive word of mouth about the company’s goods and services. It has been proven that learning the personal selling principles will improve anyone’s chances of success in the long run in any field of employment. The average professional salesperson is generally well-educated and highly trained. Most of today’s salespeople are focused on maintaining a great customer relationship in the long run, instead of a one-time transaction or looking at them like they are a sales statistic for their employer. The overall commitment that the salesperson contribute to his/her job can vary and can have a major impact on the performance that the salesperson displays towards their customer. The book states that “some salespeople are almost apathetic about their daily work and exert little effort to improve their sales productivity or more fully satisfy their customers” (7). The successful professional salesperson will tend to

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