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As a kid I knew I like skiing a little bit more than everyone else in school. In the 5th grade I brought my very own “ski book” to show and tell. This ski book was a three-ring binder of articles and pictures from ski magazines that I had cut out and collaged during the previous year. I had created a personal ski magazine that inspired and encouraged me to pursue my sport and reminded me that I was a part of an amazing community. Now that I have learned to write from established journalists and how to use technology to curate my images and content, I want to help create media that inspires and encourages other skiers as a part of the Freeskier edit team.

Formal journalism education started for me as a contributing writer and then staff writer
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This WordPress site and blog gave me the confidence to design and maintain a website, drive and track traffic from social media platforms while developing all of the content on my own. While writing this blog, I discovered how much desire there was for more skiing content and considered topic requests from readers to be the highest form of validation. (Regrettably, I did not save any of the content from this project.)

Currently I work as a sales associate for one of the largest snow sports retailers in the country. Through this position I get the opportunity to talk about skis all day everyday. While I have been talking about skis for years, I now get to talk about and evaluate skis through the lenses of different customers. Each day I hone my ability to identify products that are not ideal for my personal use but are amazing for the customer I am working with.

I am passionate about skiing and believe this passion will allow me to become an exceptional member of the Freeskier editorial team. Attached you will find a few writing samples and my resume. You can reach me at or 720.900.6421 with any additional questions Thank you for your time and consideration, as well as ongoing dedication ski
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