Personal Skills And Knowledge Of Formatting

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The purpose of assignment one is to gain practical skills and knowledge of formatting. With regards to plots and tables, I will learn the proper way of designing them to fit the specific formatting needs. This will greatly assist me when I write technical lab reports for this class and in industry. It is essential to be able to thoroughly and completely follow directions in order to maintain a good standing with an employer or a professor. Not only is being able to format a great skill to have and to hone for your own benefit, it is also at the benefit of an employer or instructor because neat, well organized work shows effort, care and commitment. Well refined communication skills will assist me throughout the rest of my educational…show more content…
However with practice and effort, I will be able to find the proper citations for each and every case using the internet or the ACS’s recommended style guide
Thermodynamic Properties of Alkanes

The goal of task one is to organize and format data corresponding to the normal boiling points of straight-chain alkanes, their enthalpies of vaporization, the normal boiling points of alkanes with 1-alcohols, their enthalpies of vaporization, the normal boiling points of 1-monochlorinated alkanes, and their enthalpies of vaporization. Table’s 1, 2 and 3, shown below, organize this information.

Table 1: Normal boiling points and enthalpies of vaporization for straight-chained alkanes (data from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics1)
Normal boiling point (C^o) Enthalpy of vaporization(kJ/mol)
Butane -0.5 22.44
Decane 174.15 39.58
Ethane -88.6 14.69
Heptane 98.4 31.77
Hexane 68.73 28.85
Methane -161.48 8.19
Nonane 150.82 37.81
Octane 125.67 34.41
Pentane 36.06 25.79
Propane -42.1 19.04

For Table 1, all the corresponding data was found using the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. I ordered the alkanes in alphabetical order as per usual in textbooks or databases. Prior to rearranging the alkanes alphabetically, I had them listed by carbon number. I noticed a trend between the normal boiling point and the carbon number and the enthalpy of vaporization and the carbon number. As the carbon numbers of the molecules increased, so did their normal boiling points
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