Personal Skills Development in the Accounting Curriculum

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Accounting Education: An International Journal
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Personal skills development in the accounting curriculum
Bob Gammie , Elizabeth Gammie & Erica Cargill Published online: 05 Oct 2010.

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The Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) (1997) has identi ed that employers frequently emphasize the importance of key
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Gammie et al.

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skills in preparing people to be part of a exible and adaptable workforce. They further emphasize the part they have to play in the employability of individuals throughout their working lives. It is evident that the nature of accounting has changed considerably, largely because the organizational, economic and technological context in which this type of work is conducted has changed, in many cases, beyond recognition (Cooper, 1998; Adamson et al., 1998). This is set to continue, and will manifest itself in many ways, perhaps most obviously through intensi cation of work practices. This has already radically changed the skills that accountants need in order to be effective in the
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