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I became interested in missions when my family and I lived abroad in Laos, Singapore, and Costa Rica; we had adopted my youngest brother and were in the process of immigrating him back to the United States. I believe that I can use my majors, Spanish and music (piano pedagogy) in evangelism and in furthering Christ and His Kingdom. Living in a Spanish speaking culture, Cahuita, Costa Rica, not only helped improve my Spanish language skills, but also helped me learn about the culture and how to become accepted into their community - by interacting with them and making an effort to learn about them and their culture. Many of the expats people living in Cahuita were living in the village, but were not a part of the community because they kept apart from the locals, lived in expensive houses, separated themselves from the community, and weren’t as accepting of the Cahuiteños and their culture. But by living modestly and…show more content…
As a Spanish major, I believe knowing Spanish will help me advance Christianity by helping me build relationships across cultural and national divides. Through learning the Spanish language as well as learning more about Spanish/Latin American cultures and consequently other cultures as well which will help me with evangelism and make me more open to learning from other cultures. Crossing cultural boundaries is also possible with music; learning music from other cultures and will be able to help me connect with people at a deeper level than I could if only using music types from my own culture. The medium of music is more likely to spread Christ’s message when we communicate in a way at first that is familiar to them. Using music that is initially more familiar to them it can create more opportunities to witness for Christ. As a Christian musician one should be able to integrated a wide variety of music into one’s repertoire so that it can be an effective venue to share our faith in the
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