Personal Stance On Being A Courageous Follower

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Unit Four Paper Write a two to three-page reflection paper about an instance when you or someone you know had to be a “courageous follower.” Did it have positive results? What could have been done differently to help the situation? What is your personal stance on being a courageous follower? Refer to the text and Chaleff’s follower dimensions in support of your discussion. After reading The Courageous Follower I have to be the “courageous follower” and leader on a daily basis. The background of my service in the Navy allowed myself to progress through the enlisted ranks to selection as a chief petty officer (e-7) followed to commissioning as a chief warrant officer. The community which I am a warrant officer in also has limited duty…show more content…
Currently, I am serving on a aircraft carrier where my principal assistance who is the third in charge under a department and assistance department head (both which are unrestricted line pilots) which mange a 742 people within air department on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. By design my position requires me to report all matters to the department head first pertaining to the aviation fuels system. Out of respect to my principal assistance which is a limited duty officer and falls into the category (e-6 to ensign never serving in the chief mess) I brief him second usually in conservation. Additionally, I follow up with an email to all parties involved with an email communication to provide a written documentation. Finally, the principal assistant I work others know he never served in the chief mess and his knee jerk reactions are part of his leadership styles. Senior enlisted leadership within my fuels division at my current command interact with the principal assistance due to his third position in the department. The four chief’s who fall under my charge attempt to undermined the authority of the principal assistant and complain about his actions. Personally, I now the principal assistant has shortcomings in how he talks to individuals and his attempting to micro manage is counter productive. First, in defending the leader I listen to the issues from my chief’s concerning the principal assistant
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