Personal Statement: A Career As A Firefighter

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Being a firefighter is everything to me; it’s my dream job. But why did I want to embark on a lifelong, rewarding journey as a fireman? Looking back, I realized that three things really intensified my love for firefighting and sparked my dreams to become a career firefighter. The first was a near fatal car accident that my grand mom was involved in. My next realization is simple - I love helping others and having the potential to do something positive for the community I serve. Finally, the excitement along with the adrenaline I have when I get to go on a call Is like no other feeling; there is no other feeling that I can compare it to.

Many people in the fire service are brought in by another family member, not in my case. About 2 years my
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After the almost fatal accident my grand mom was in, this passion grew stronger of helping others. The fact that firefighters help people when they need help the most makes the job all the more awesome. Joining the fire department gives me the power to help others in extreme circumstances and gives me the potential power to have a positive impact in some one’s life.

The final reason why I wanted to become a firefighter is the adrenaline I have when I’m able to go on calls. When I’m on the truck I feel like I have a purpose, and the adrenaline is amazing. I never felt this excitement ever for anything except firefighting, and this makes it more of a passion for me. The excitement I have for being a fireman will never dissipate.

Being a firefighter is everything to me; it’s my dream job. I cannot wait to embark my lifelong career as a firefighter. I’m even more excited to learn about how to be a firefighter through amazing firefighter who I look up to and hope one day I’ll have as much experience as Chief Harris. The rewards of being a firefighter are like no other, the brotherhood is the life I chose, and I hope to have a positive impact on people in the community I will serve as a
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