Personal Statement: A Career As A Student Option

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I did not choose student option just for a few credits, I choose it for a new learning perspective. I want to experience how guidance counselors handle the paperwork and how a job in the counseling industry would work. I was always curious about how a counseling job would work. For example, everyday I see school advisors just talk to students and help them through tough issues and also minor school issues like scheduling and the students never get to see how the counselors get it put into Genesis. That really interest me because I love to learn why certain things go the way they go and how would they even get there. I want to learn and understand what a school counselor would have to go through daily. The teacher I would enjoy working with the most would be Mrs. Edmonson in the counseling department. I want t o find out why and how she is able to connect so well with her students and maintain a good balance between work and friendships. Also, seeing how she deals with all the paper she has to do with helping other students. I would love to be part of that all, to really understand if this is what I want to do when I look further into my career choices. All of these things I can learn by being her student option. …show more content…

That's why I would want Mrs. Edmonson as the teacher who I will shadow. This experience in student option will help me see if I really would want to become a counselor in the future. If it is enjoyable and if I can tolerate the workload, I'll consider being a guidance counselor even more than before. Since I want to become a psychologist, I think it would also benefit me to stay close to the subject and to make sure I deeply understand how counseling works before I go to college. Thank you for considering me as a student option

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