Personal Statement: A Career As An Occupational Therapy

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Life’s a climb, but the view’s great
What do I want to do when I’m older? What college do I want to go to? How am I supposed to know this, I don’t even know what I want to eat for lunch! When I was little, I would always watch Hannah Montana, which was my all-time favorite show. I was convinced that when I grew up, I would become a popstar. I imagined myself living life just like she did. I even had a blonde wig which looked just like hers. Sometimes I would go into my room, put the wig on, and play her songs as loud as possible. I would get my hair brush out, use it as a microphone, and start dancing around my room like nobody was watching. But now, because I’m older, I realize my dreams of rock star fame and fortune have longed sizzled
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What do they do? Well, the simplified definition of an occupational therapist is basically using assessments and different treatments to help others develop, recover, or maintain skills that people use in their everyday lives. Usually, they treat young kids with different types of disorders. For example, physical, metal, or cognitive disorders. The first step I will have to take to achieving my new, more grown up dream, (other than getting accepted into a good college) is to earn a bachelor’s degree, which will approximately take about 4 years. To do this, I need to choose what I want to major in. There are a couple of choices that will help me become an occupational therapist. Those choices include psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Once I get a bachelor’s, I will then need to get a master’s which will take me approximately 2 years. During this time I will be learning more about the anatomy, patient care, medical/social conditions, and assistive technology in the field. While earning my master’s, I will also need to do fieldwork. For me, fieldwork can include going to nursing homes, rehab centers and schools. To complete these field experiences usually takes approximately 24 weeks. After getting a master’s degree, it’s time to get a state license. Receiving a license is the final step into becoming a certified occupational therapist. State licenses are a very important and strict requirement into becoming…show more content…
But then, I started thinking about it more. Do I really want to be that far from home? Am I going to be happy there? After, I realized that I would rather attend a college on the west coast. When I was younger, I used to live in Puerto Rico and I loved it. I have some of the best memories there; going to the beach, building sand castles with my dad, going on walks by the beach with my family, and the weather was great. That’s why I think that going to UCSF would be a great option for me. This college has everything I want and need. It’s the perfect area, great weather, not too far from home and, I can get a great education there. Now, to get into this college, there are multiple admission requirements. Those requirements include English (4 years); Mathematics (3 years); Science (2 years); Foreign Language (2 years); Social studies (1 year); History (1 year); and Academic Electives (1 year). In addition to that, I need to include an essay or personal statement and letters of recommendation in my application. Because I don’t live in California, if I do get in, the total out-of-state tuition is just about
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