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On May 27, 2011, I sat in the crowd of thousands of people waiting to see the cheer from the football field. No, this wasn’t a professional football game, or even a college game. This was the graduation and commissioning of 1000 men and women from the United States Naval Academy. As the covers of all the former midshipmen went into the air, and the crowd went wild, I stood in awe, speechless. Even as an 11 year old boy, I knew that I wanted to be that young man standing on the ten yard line, in an immaculate white uniform, jumping up and down and hugging his buddy next to him. As I read stories and biographies of men like Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle, some of the most courageous men in the world, I realized my calling in life. I was to be an officer in the United States Navy.…show more content…
Many times, while wearing a Navy hoodie, have I been approached by alumni of the Academy. Long conversations ensue, about their career, their motivation, and their current status. And then the conversation turns to me. Whenever I get asked that question, “Why do you want to attend the USNA?”, I just smile and give the same reply. “ I want to be the absolute best leader and person I can be, and I think that the Naval Academy will help me achieve that goal.” The United States Naval Academy will help me achieve everything I’ve ever wanted in life. Leading people, helping others, and honing my own skills are all things I’d be able to do with the Naval Academy. As a midshipmen, I want to be able to challenge myself and seek self-improvement, get the best possible education, and most importantly, serve my
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