Personal Statement: A Career In Health Care

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I remember that feeling as if my stomach was coming out every time I did something wrong. My mother had guide me to become the person who I am now. She had show me respect, honesty, perseverance,etc. Now that I am older I laugh when I remember the stories that my mother told me to prevent me from doing wrong, for example that if I lie, santa will get mad with me and I would not get a gift. Of course now I do not believe these stories but thankfully they helped me to become a better individual. Throughout life this has been building me up until the person that I am now. Every time I see someone in trouble and I see I can help them I do my best to help. I feel really satisfied whenever I help someone and I see the expression of gratitude in them.…show more content…
I had heard a lot of stories of people who die from pure medical negligence and in my opinion this is really bad. When I grow up I will also help those who can not afford a good medical health care because in my country those who are poor can not afford a good medical healthcare, and most of the times they die from things that can be easily solved. It is very disturbing just thinking about how many families are without an important member because of this. I want to help others to feel better and this will also make me feel good because I will be helping others. I admire how doctors save the life of many people in danger, how they give a kid more time with his mother, with his grandmother, with his beloved ones. We have to be more tolerant and compassionate toward others, and in my point of view this is something that is missing a lot in my country. I would like to start helping those in need. It is time to change this world, after all each moment is a new moment. Remember , not everything is about how much money we do, but the effect we do on others around us. We have to choice if that is positive or negative, I encourage myself everyday to be better and I also encoruage you. Remember, we will all die and the things that are left from us are the memories, we want to leave a legacy so that it will also change other´s in a positive
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