Personal Statement: A Career In Sports Medicine

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Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed watching sports, especially with my father, but I also always watched in interest when someone got hurt and the medical crew had to go help. I’ve always really liked the idea of helping others with medical needs but was never sure what field might fit me the most. During seventh and eighth grade I had an ankle problem known as an os trigonum; it is essentially a bone in the ankle that didn’t fuse with the rest of the talus and can pop out causing a lot of pain. In the summer transitioning into high school, I had the bone surgically removed relieving the problems I had with it. Ever since that incident I taught myself how to tape my ankle during track season to help me, and that’s when I gained interest in the field of kinesiology and sports medicine. Sports medicine has always intrigued me ever since I was young. Essentially you train to be EMT crossed with a physical trainer. While there are a lot of options in the sports medicine field, only a few snagged my interest. One of the careers I’m considering diving into is the all around physical trainer aspect of sports medicine. Another is a more specialized version of a trainer like for football or basketball per say. But sports medicine is such a broad field that there are a lot of ideas to choose from. So…show more content…
With those down it can be easier to jump into higher levels of classes for kinesiology. The success rate for kinesiology courses are generally very high. Sources from different universities have different success rates but graduation rates are very high. One source from Humboldt State University states that every course offered has a group success rate of 80% or higher. The only course that is not above 80 is game concepts. “Game Concepts-female group success rate 77%”
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