Personal Statement : A Healthy Baby Boy Was Brought Into The World Essay

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One September 23, 2004 a healthy baby boy was brought into the world. The doctor sporting a snow-white lab coat with a blue collared shirt exclaims to my mother, “congratulations a beautiful baby boy.” I had a brother now, someone I could spend time with, someone to bond with. I sat next to my father as my mother corralled the newly born child within her arms. “What’s his name?” I enthusiastically asked my father. My dad pronounced, “his name is Joey, and he is your new baby brother.”
For nine months I watched my mothers abdomen gradually increase in diameter. I was seven years old at the time, and until this point was an only child. I had cousins and friends around the neighborhood to interact with, but I was envious of my peers who had the benefit of having a sibling. Someone to love and be loved by unconditionally, someone that will look up to you and bond with you. Before I even knew my mom was pregnant she would ask, “Adam do you want a little brother or a little sister.” “A brother!” I would reciprocate with alacrity. I thought I could relate better with someone that was the same gender as me. As time passed I noticed my mothers abdomen getting bigger, I remember it looking like she had a small ball tucked into her shirt. I had seen other women with a similar abdomen situation, however at seven years old I was ignorant on the process of childbirth. At this point I thought babies were purchased, like a product at the supermarket. I was enlightened one afternoon, about

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