Personal Statement : A Platform Based On Perspective

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Joseph Brady
Espoused Platform
“A platform based on perspective would reflect a different understanding of the aims of education, a different understanding of the nature of learning, of the curriculum, of the social purposed of the schooling, and of the core strategies of teaching.” – T.J. Sergiovanni & R.J. Starrate The courses this semester challenged how I looked at the goals of education, educational leadership, and supervisorial practices. I’ve never taught or worked in an educational setting as my only work experience has been shaped around athletics. In this course, I often related a reading or classroom discussion to what I’ve experienced and found myself seated on inquiry. I thought I shaped my educational philosophy on perennialism only to discover my views were much more pragmatic and progressive. As a young and inexperienced professional, I have never had the platform to display my goals and why I act the way I do. As a future educational supervisor, I understand the importance in establishing my own core values that I will strive to uphold and this semester has helped reshape how I view my platform.
“Don’t train for a skill, train for a profession.” I believe the platform I possess gives me an authority to influence and have a positive impact both in school and out (on the field and off). I believe a platform is derived from life experiences, from formal education, and especially from trial-and-error. In an educational setting, a platform is inevitable. As a
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