Personal Statement : A Student Affairs Practitioner

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Personal Mission Statement As a student affairs practitioner I believe I am a cornerstone of the higher education experience. I have made it my mission to help students be the best version of themselves for the benefit of not only them, but of society at large. I work to help create not only educated students, but also engaged members of a global society. I do this through challenging, supporting, and providing guidance to them through sincere human interaction. I challenge their assumptions and push them to be authentic. I support their growth along their own unique path. I provide guidance to them by offering insight and lessons I have acquired on my own journey. I strive to ask the right questions and give the right feedback to help students understand WHO they want to be as opposed to WHAT they want to be and decide what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. Student affairs is less about being a bottomless well of knowledge, rather it is about having genuine interactions with students who are looking to you to as a role model. If by the end of my practice I can leverage my experiences and understanding to make a positive impact on the world through my relationships with my students, I will consider myself a success. Statement on Diversity In a world that is becoming increasingly dynamic and interconnected where each of us are becoming more dependent on each other, diversity is a crucial element of life. Never in human history have students had available to them the
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