Personal Statement : Academic Argument, Academic Analysis, And Proposal

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This semester has gone by quickly and within this short time, I have already learned much more than I did before. It is now time to write a Portfolio Essay, an essay detailing what I learned and how I have improved my writing skills in English 102. This semester I wrote four essays: Informative Report, Academic Argument, Academic Analysis, and Proposal. With each essay, I displayed my strengths and weaknesses and improved them through teaching, drafting, and revising. This Portfolio Essay will reflect on the growth my writing and I have undergone through this semester, as well as areas I could still use improvement on, by reviewing my own work. The first essay I wrote this semester was the Informative Report, which is also the one I scored lowest on. When revising this essay, the first thing I notice is how small the introduction was—it was three sentences. It could be more in-depth and informative of what the essay was going to be about. Throughout the essay, there are many instances where an agenda was pushed, rather than actually informing the audience. One instance of this is when I was discussing a few music genres and said, “These are arguably the most influential genres as well” (Skipper 1-2). This is the complete opposite of the point of the essay. There should have been a larger focus on informing the reader of the research. I used orphan quotes, quotes that are just dropped in the essay without leading into it. The quotes went well with what was being said, but

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