Personal Statement And American Eagle Campaign

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Motivation drives us to accomplish our goals in life. A simple sentence such as "I can get through this day." or "I can become president." turns into the driving factor that helps us reach our destination. We all have used the "I can" statement and American Eagle has taken that statement to the next level in their #WeAllCan Campaign. The minute long video features a cast of celebrities in different settings throughout New York like Coney Island wearing a casual style of clothing. Black and white scenes intertwine with color scenes throughout the video, with even a vintage style of film shown. Through the credibility of the cast, the American Eagle Campaign effectively appeals to a target audience of millennials. The campaign uses pathos to create a cause of individuality and speaking out, but only uses those celebrities in a stereotypical way to sell the brand of clothes.
This advertisement features a group of well-known millennials from our generation that give an immense amount of credibility to the commercial. It has role models of social media, music, television, and the fashion industry. Some actors that appear frequently are Troye Sivan, an out of the closet gay musician, Hailee Steinfeld, famous actor of Blackish, and Cody Christian, the recurring actor from Pretty Little Liars. This cast shows individuality and the new generation by having different races, sexual orientation, and gender. The ethos in the video attracts not only heteronormative buyers with the…
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