Personal Statement And Field Studies

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5includes that “Recent surveys and field studies have found that a majority of workers have only

three to fifteen minutes of uninterrupted working time in a day, and they spend at least an hour a

day — five full weeks a year — dealing with distractions and then getting back on task”

(Soojung-Kim Pang). I see that happening on a daily basis, people seem to be on their phones or

browsing the Internet frequently while at school or at work. The downside to this issue is that

people become accustomed to spending a large amount of time on their electronics, and see it as

something normal. In the end, they become less productive and produce less quality work since

full time and effort was not applied. In order to keep a balance between work and time spent on

electronics that is not relevant to work; people need to prioritize on what is most important. By

spending one-two hours a day on Internet browsing or social medias upon having chores or work

completed, people will feel less overwhelmed.

Not only does the Internet consume a lot of our valuable time, it also causes many people

to loose track of their surroundings. When people are publicly surfing the web it takes their full

attention causing them to lose focus of what is happening around them. In the book The

Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, written by Nicholas Carr, written of

technology and culture, Carr states, “When we’re online, we’re often oblivious to everything else

going on around

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