Personal Statement And Social Responsibility Essay

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Some of the important values identified in statements and artifacts of the organization are: respect, accountability, justice, integrity, altruism, compassion, social responsibility, honesty, courage, collaboration, competence, professional behavior, confidentiality, excellence, community building, rituals, and legacy. These values are expressed in agency’s statements and various artifacts. The Vision statement “All Children Deserve the Best” acknowledges social responsibility and excellence. The Mission statement states, "Partnering with parents and community, we provide a strong educational foundation to prepare children for future success" expresses collaboration and social responsibility. Agency’s Parent Handbook has all the relevant information for parents to get familiar with the rules, procedures, expectations, and recourses thus articulating accountability as the main value. Classroom Manual assists staff working with children and families, understand the requirements to work with children, families, and staff, thus expressing competency and accountability. Personal Policies discuss values such as fairness, integrity, professional development, staffs benefits, staff hiring process. Code of Professional Conduct requires professional behavior that meets the standards aligned with the NAEYC professional code. The values expressed are respect, honesty, accountability, concern for others, and courage. Confidentiality statement discusses privacy of clients and staff to be
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