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As many of my classmates know, I just resigned from my district of ten years to join a new district. My last evaluation was one of the contributing factors to this move. I taught at a very small high school (82 students). Two years ago, I accidently volunteered to be the volleyball coach, yearbook advisor, and ASB advisor in addition to my assigned role as English 9 and 10 teacher. The position as ASB adviser consumed most of my hours outside of class and led to a tumultuous year filled with almost constant harsh public and private criticism, minimal support (at one point I was owed $2,000 in reimbursements because my administrator refused to give me a credit card), unnecessary obstacles, micromanaging, long hours, almost no support supervision or labor support from my colleagues, and negotiating screaming matches between my ASB officers and the principal. My student leaders worked hard to build community on campus and held many engaging events which positively impacted school culture. However, they were incredibly unhappy with the principal because they felt she refused to approve many of the events the planned for no apparent reason, complained about the work they were doing, treated them rudely at events and in meetings, was never on campus, behaved in a “fake” manner around guests, and did a poor job of running the school in general (we have not had a working behavior system the entire time she has been principal). The school board became aware of this situation

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