Personal Statement : Athletic Director

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When I was deciding what I wanted to choose for my major, I thought about things that I love doing. One thing in life that I have passion for is sports, whether it be playing sports or helping others develop their skills for their sport. My long term goal for a career, I want to be an Athletic Director for a college. In order to become an Athletic Director there are certain step that someone needs to do in college to try and have the best chance at getting their dream job. Athletic Director is not a career that a person just graduated from college and gets hired by a school, they must work their way up from an entry level job and slowly moves their way up. Job Duties Being an athletic director is a job that has many duties because they have to oversee every sports team. Here is a list of responsibilities for an Athletic Director from the School District of Auburndale in Wisconsin. 1. Prepare a master budget and supervise equipment inventories. 2. Secure and file the paperwork for equipment lease requests involving the athletic department. 3. Prepare a master sports calendar that includes conference and non-conference games/events. 4. Coordinate gym, building and athletic field use with the district office and maintain the district building use calendar. 5. Coordinate gym use for practices and games and give final clearance for the use of either the gym or the athletic field. 6. Work with coaching staff and transportation supervisor to schedule
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