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Student: Pauline Cunha Instructor: Irena Shklovsky IT Pedagogy II-9660 Date of submission: August 15, 2015 Rationale Papers: Practical Life Rationale Paper Auto education is the ability to learn. Each individual learns on their own way, by creating neurological connections to master skills. Auto education defines interest in learning, which explains why each person has a different way to learn. Practical life promotes auto education through manipulation and the handling of its lessons. It also teaches daily life activities. When a child work with a practical life activity this child is able to auto educate him/herself about care of self (e.g.: button frame, blowing nose.), care of the environment (sweeping floor), preparing meal (preparation of snack.) Sensitive Periods is a period in a child’s life when her or she has an urge to learn about his or her inner self. Practical life assists in developing this inner urge through order, language, and movement. When the child works with transferring objects using hands, spoon or tongues, they are developing their sensitive period of movement through this material. When the child works with silence games, and use words as open, close, snap, they are able to work their language sensitive period. And all activities in practical life promote order; the child learns that everything has their own place, and the right time to do. Absorbent mind is the effortless ability to take in information from the environment through conscious

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