Personal Statement : Becoming A Computer Engineer

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Everybody has an aim in life. Aimless life is a worthless life. Who doesn’t have aim, they just live because they have to live. Aimless life is like a traveler who does not know the destination and direction of a journey. Different people have different aims, some peoples’ aim is to be wealthy, powerful, some want satisfaction and fame in their life, but my aim in life is to become a computer engineer. To be an engineer, I have to face lots of difficulties but I have strong determination to achieve my goal. There are multiple reasons and importance of my choice to be an engineer. When I was a small kid, I saw a man using a computer in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and it’s made me wonder and then I said to him, “can I touch it?” He didn’t give me a chance to touch the computer. This thing affects my life and I felt that one day I’ll be an engineer.
The reason to choose this aim is; this profession is noble in the society. I can earn good money and live in the prestigious life and fulfill my desires. It doesn’t mean that I am a money minded, greedy man and I run after money, when I become an engineer then I’ll help poor people. I’ll allocate certain part of my income for donations, like helping poor people, organizations or involving any mankind activities in the society. My parents want to see me in a skilled profession, like doctor, teacher, nurse, engineer, and pilot. Among all the profession, I choose an engineering field. They are encouraging me and feeling…
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