Personal Statement : Becoming A Counselor

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As I generalize and outline my reasons for becoming a Counselor, I am reminded of the things on life in which I am passionate about. Throughout every aspect of my life, helping others has been the most prevalent attribute that is revealed in my life. Being in service as a minister for over twenty years has placed me in positions to offer service to those that are hurting, lonely, depressed and literally have lost their ability to hope. As a Counselor, I would be able to assist students with daily challenges that may have blocked their path of making logical decisions for their lives. I find it rewarding in helping others find solutions to their problems or to support and encourage them if their results are not as promising as they have imagine it to be. There is an innate gratification when I am used to help others. My life was inspired by a personal experience which benefited my life as well as my children’s life. So much so, that my son was encouraged through the dedication and personal service in which he encountered from childhood to adulthood. “ He became a minister, National Certified Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Health Service Provider.”(Bonds, II, 2014). Capella influenced him so much that he enrolled back to college with Capella for his doctorate. My life has been a beacon that has shined on other ways to help the community and inspire
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