Personal Statement : Becoming A Doctor

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As a typical first born child, I have parents who expected me to be a doctor one day. When we talked about colleges, they were always medical schools. When I asked my father what jobs to look into, he suggested pharmacist or surgeon. I never expected to become an engineer until my first week of junior year when I took my first calculus and physics classes. My teachers heralded engineering as the top profession of the day, and all my friends were planning on making them proud with their future careers as civil or mechanical engineers. When I told them my plans of becoming a physical therapist, they scoffed at me. Both my physics and calculus teachers told me, “You are wasting your potential if that is your goal in life!” Although I knew they were exaggerating, their passion on the subject is what originally drove me to look into engineering. However, I was still passionate about helping people with health issues. I wanted to save lives in my career, and I was not sure if engineering would be a direct enough impact for me to find happiness in it. That was when I decided to search “medical engineering” on YouTube, and I was not disappointed. I found a video about Michelle Khine, who became my engineering hero. Michelle Khine quickly revealed herself to be everything I want to be. The video highlighted her life, showing off her three jobs as professor at a university, leader of a research lab, and co-founder of a nano technologies company called Fluxion Bioscience Inc.. She is
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