Personal Statement : Becoming A Nurse

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I cannot attribute my desire of becoming a nurse to following the footsteps of a family member, nor caring for a sick family member as I was growing up. I am a first generation high school student, furthermore, a college graduate. I became a mother at the very young age of sixteen. Being so young and growing up without the care of my parents, it was always said I, too, would end up in a rough situation and not be able to care for my child being so young myself. I continued out my days and nights being a high school teen mom. I graduated from high school in three years by attending night school while I was pregnant; allowing me to finish school sooner and obtain a better job that would allow me to take care of my son.
At the age of 19, just after beginning college, I was looking for some excitement in my life. I was working full time, attending school full time, and caring for my young son. At the time, I wanted to work beside the coroner for Richmond County. I took it upon myself to directly call the coroner’s office asking if there was any type of work I could do, especially ride along on a few calls. Although I was told there was nothing I would be allowed to do, I was given the name and number of someone who worked for a local transport service. I called the person and again was given the same response. However, just a few short weeks passed, I received a random phone call from the manager of the transport service asking if I would be willing to leave in two days to

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