Personal Statement : Becoming A Physical Therapist

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Growing up, I always knew I wanted to have a fulfilling career that allowed me to help others. After much reflection, I figured I could never do both by sitting behind a desk in a quiet establishment. When I was in the eighth grade my first thought was becoming a physical therapist. I got the idea from my older sister as she started her college career preparing herself for physical therapy but soon gave up because of the hard classes she had to take, which then led her to get her degree in Recreational Therapy. I told myself I would not let the difficulty of class interfere with achieving my goals. When I became a freshman in high school, I met my Health Careers teacher, the school’s current athletic trainer and former physical therapist Erin Herrmann. After hearing my story, she recommended me to become a student athletic trainer the following year, which would give me plenty of practice in preparing myself to become a physical therapist. Here I am, my sophomore year in high school, the athletic trainer of the school’s girls’ varsity basketball team. Not even halfway into the season I tear my ACL, remind you I am not a player, I am the trainer. After what seemed like months, I finally have my surgery and I start physical therapy. I sit in the cold waiting room flipping through magazines waiting for my name to be called. I have butterflies in my stomach as I wonder what could possibly behind those large wooden doors. “Kierra Swindall”, they call out. I look…
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