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Negotiation is everywhere and is an integral part of everyday life. Whether it is what to eat for dinner or how much to pay for a car, we all use negotiation. Even though negation is everywhere, not everything is negotiable. I was in need of a new pair of headphones that I could get a deal on. However stores that sell headphones, such as Best Buy, are not typically known as stores that negotiate their prices. Therefore, assigned with the task of negotiation something that is not normally negotiated, Best Buy was a prime target to fulfill my need. Once I decided on Best Buy as the store I would negotiate with, I had to decide the specific product or products I would negotiate for. Browsing through Best Buy’s website, there were many…show more content…
I would take this into Best Buy with me when I went to negotiate. Preparing to negotiate is about defining the situation, determining your goals, and devising a plan for achieving them. Now that I knew where I was going, what I wanted, and what other stores were offering, I needed a plan. Through research and online readings I decided that the best time to negotiate prices at stores like Best Buy was at night near closing time. This is the case because the store is significantly less crowded and many stores have daily quotas that need to be met. This would give me the opportunity to be assisted fairly quickly and begin the negotiation process. My initial plan was to browse through the headphones until a sales representative approached me, and I would ask what kind of deals he could make on the wireless headphones I was after. I would then show him the prices I had found online and offer to pay $119 for the headphones. If he was not willing to accept that price my backup plan was to ask them to incorporate the insurance that Best Buy sells on many of their products for free. If I could not find a deal I was comfortable with I was willing to walk away. Many of the articles I read online discussed strategies to obtain the best possible deal. Using the prices of competitor stores gives me BATNA and increased my relative bargaining power. After my preparations, I was ready to negotiate. I decided to go to Best Buy on a Monday evening around
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